Sep. 17, 2012 – Getting Launched

On Monday, Professors Miller and Graham and I met to launch this project.  The focus will be, as the tag line suggests, on the history of Black experience in Canada in the nineteenth century.  At least that’s the plan for now.  It may get more precise as we go along.  This project has two main goals: 1) to conduct a survey of existing academic and non-academic research to date on this topic, and 2) to create a virtual exhibition of some of the research products.  One of the challenges will be to ensure that anything I post is properly cited and/or addresses any necessary copyright restrictions.

So with this blog set up, my first objective is completed.

The next steps will be to create a project proposal and plan, as well as to continue to document my progress through this blog.  I don’t hold out great hopes that anyone will want to read this, besides Professors Miller and Graham – but I’ve never done this before so who knows.


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Filed under 19th Century, Black history, Canadian

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