Oct. 10, 2012 – Project Proposal Done and Exhibition Samples Examined

Over the past week I managed to get my Project Proposal finished and will submit it today.  I know it’s coming in a bit early but it’s technically due on the same day as a grant application, so things are piling up a bit.  I also had a look at the two links you sent me, Professor Graham.  The one with the sample online exhibits was interesting to see, just to get an idea of what other people have done.  I especially liked the New Steel Navy exhibition.  I might go for something like that.  I like its mix of pictures and interesting text narrative.  Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of?  I also looked at the Q&A site and found a number of good questions about Omeka.

One of the links mentioned that the Omeka site has a tutorial and I think that will be my next step.  I have some ideas now on what I want the exhibit to be like, so I’m getting ready to try setting something up.  One thing I’m not sure about is the limits on Omeka.Net.  It seems to me I recall that I can only have four pages, but I’m not sure what constitutes a ‘page.’

Over the past few weeks while I’ve been working on my Project Proposal, as well as my grant proposal and doing some other research, I’ve come across some documents that look like they could provide some good places to start on my research survey/historiography.  I’ve been saving them for further examination and possible inclusion in this project.


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