Feb. 13, 2013 – Technology Trouble, an Interview, and More Images

This week has been a bit of a disaster technologically, so I didn’t make the progress I’d hoped to. My hard disk crashed, so I lost about 2 days just dealing with the repairs and the recovery. Fortunately, I didn’t lose any data, which is kind of remarkable and a huge relief.

I also spent half a day writing a response to interview questions for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences newsletter. This was not a waste of time for my project, though, because it helped me organize my thoughts.

Still, with these other things going on, I made progress on my narrative for my exhibit, and found some good images for some topics that I have struggled to find anything useful or interesting. For example, I have got a map of the U.S. Northwest Territory that shows Detroit, so I can use this when talking about slaves escaping out of Canada.

I also found a map of the Saint John River in New Brunswick that has “negro settlements” marked on it. This will allow me to add New Brunswick as a place of significance in black history.

I obtained pictures of Lt. Governor Simcoe and of Joseph Papineau to go with my discussion about the beginnings of the abolishment of slavery in Upper- and Lower-Canada.

I added a diagram of the slaves packed into a slave ship that was used as evidence in the British House of Commons in 1790-1, and will use it in my discussion about the British abolishment of the transatlantic slave trade.

I finally found a picture of Richard Pierpoint, who is portrayed in a soldier’s uniform. If I can use it, it will accompany my narrative about black soldiers’ role in the War of 1812. I am not sure where this picture comes from, who it belongs to and when it was painted, but I’ve sent an email to The Afro News, a newspaper in British Columbia asking about it and asking for permission.

I also found an image of a tattered looking map of the Underground Railroad ‘routes’, a Canada Post stamp showing Victoria Cross recipient Quartermaster William Hall, a Canadian who volunteered as an American Civil War surgeon, and a decorated WWI vet.

I feel like I’m repeating myself now, but … this week I really hope I can finalize my exhibit narrative. I think I have enough images but the question is: are they the right ones for the narrative? I also need to confirm the platform upon which to build this exhibit. Will it be Omeka.net or Omeka.org? I also plan to spend time this weekend pulling together material for my historiographical essay.


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