Feb. 27, 2013 – Historiographical Essay and the Omeka.Org Exhibit Software

Professor Graham has created an “omeka.org” installation for my online exhibit, and he has purchased the domain name blackhistoryincanada.ca to host it.  Thank you, Dr. Graham.  This is very exciting!  The “.org” version will, I am told, offer more features than the simpler (and free) “.net” version of the software.  I logged on and can see the main page but have not started work on it yet.  I hope to be able to import my existing collection data from my previous “omeka.net” exhibit and collection.  But if not, I don’t mind re-entering the data.  I only had about fifteen images on it.

I have spent this entire past week working on the historiographical essay.  It’s going more slowly than I expected as I find I am having to return to a lot of my sources and re-read.  I kept records of them, so they’re not hard to re-find but it is just sort of time consuming.  Lesson learned: be really clear about sources and notes, including quotations, when researching.  Part of the problem is that, when I first got my theory for this paper, I did some of my research on Wikipedia.  So now that I’m actually writing the paper, I need to find similar information in my proper theory books.  That said, I now have two quite good theory books: Simon Gunn’s “History and Cultural Theory” and John Tosh’s “The Pursuit of History.”  So I figure I’m about three-quarters of the way done in writing a first draft.  It will still need fixing and smoothing, but at least I’ll have the main text.

This week, starting this afternoon, I want to finish the final quarter of my essay, at least in draft format.  Then I want to spend some time working on getting up and going with Omeka.Org and the new online exhibit.


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