March 13, 2013 – Work and Re-work on the Online Exhibit

I have made quite good progress this week on the online exhibit.  Each image in the exhibit uses an “item” that is imported from the main collection.  To create an item, you have to attach the digital image and then fill in all the metadata about the image, such as title, description, source, creator, publisher, copyright, date, format, type, and identifier.  So far I have created 26 out of 36 items.  I have also imported each of them into the exhibit and added the narrative that tells the story of the exhibit.

Because I couldn’t have as many images on an exhibit page as I had wanted, I ended up splitting the exhibit into more pages with fewer images on each.  The first three pages use a format that includes up to eight images.  These three pages look good, I think.  But I am less happy with the fourth page.  It has ten images and so has to use a different format.  This second format doesn’t look as good.  The spacing looks odd and it’s hard to read.  So I think I may go back and re-do this page.  I will have to take out two images, to get it down to eight so I can use the more-readable format.

I am meeting with Dr. Graham tomorrow to look at the exhibit.  Dr. Miller is going to send me comments on my essay.  So hopefully everything will be done on time.  We’re getting down to the final weeks now.


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