March 20, 2013 – Still Finishing the Exhibit and the Essay

I have moved forward this week on both the online exhibit and the essay.  I met with both Dr. Graham and Dr. Miller, and both gave me helpful feedback.  Dr. Graham has sent me a couple of other links to tools that I will use to do some final text analysis.  Dr. Miller sent me comments that I am in the process of including in the essay.

The online exhibit continues to move forward.  I have most of the items created and have now to finalize the exhibit.  I have been receiving responses all along to my requests for permission from various sources to use their images on my exhibit.  When I post each image, I send an email request to the owner of the copyright and I put in the metadata the words “Permission Requested”.  When the permission comes in, I file the permission notification for future reference, and change the metadata to say “Public Domain” or “Copyright Expired” or “Permission on File”, as is appropriate for each situation.  I have sent requests to the AfroNews, in B.C. twice and have not yet heard back, so the image I got from their website remains “Permission Requested”.

My work on the essay has been going more slowly than I’d expected.  I seem to be back down in the weeds again trying to demonstrate that Black history about slavery in Canada disappeared from the history books.  I have made the change that it probably began to disappear shortly after slavery was abolished in 1833.  But it is very difficult to prove that historical mention of something doesn’t exist.  I have a quote from a contemporary academic historian to this effect.  And I have gone back to searching for material about slavery.  All I am finding is the work by Justice W.R. Riddell in the early twentieth century about slavery in Canada.  And even he seems not to use any documentary evidence after around 1811.  He just mentions that, after 1793 when slavery was limited under law, that slavery diminished in Canada.  I think I am going to have to move on from this topic since it is burying me and not giving me time to address the other parts of the essay or the exhibit.

This week I hope to finalize the essay, and do the additional text analysis.  I think there are only ten days left of classes so I have a lot to do before then.


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