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Hitting Bumps in the Road, but Still Moving Forward – Thu December 4, 2014

Henry Bibb - c1850 - Bentley Historical Library - Public DomainThis week I seem to have run into lots of obstacles.  I bought the vintage film footage of the house being demolished ($135) but am still waiting to get some help on which version of the video I should download.  As well, my pianist has been busy and hasn’t had time to check out the options I sent to her.  And I’ve heard from the Ontario Archives, but haven’t found out yet who is going to be my on-camera interviewee.  However, this is why I started all these things early.  Sometimes it just takes a while for everything to fall into place.

In the meantime, Bentley Historical Library at U of Michigan got back to me with a confirmation about the source of the image of Henry Bibb, the editor of The Voice of the Fugitive.

As well, I have obtained several more sound effects, including one of children talking and playing, one of birds chattering, and three of wooden building demolition.  I also got two that can be my publishing sounds:  one is the sound of writing on paper, and the other is the sound of pages being turned.

After much searching, I finally settled on an image of the banner of Shadd’s Provincial Freeman newspaper.  I had to choose between a full page of the newspaper that was quite fuzzy, or the banner alone, which is quite clear.

Provincial Freeman - banner - 1854 - University of Virginia

I also did a little more work on the Treatment, but didn’t make as much progress as I’d hoped.  Sadly, there don’t appear to be any photographs in existence of Shadd’s husband, Thomas F. Cary, nor are there any of her children, Sarah Elizabeth Cary and Linton Shadd Cary.

So this week I will hopefully make more progress on the Treatment, and will also have a look for a map of the northeast U.S. and central Canada that I can use.  I am thinking of creating a map animation showing Shadd’s movements around the area.


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